GTBets Sportsbook Review

What does the GT stand for? By all appearances, it means Game Time, but it could also stand for sports betting bonus, as there are plenty to go around. However, the Game Time part is not a random thing either. Customers are eligible to validate their Game Time Rewards account when they sign up to GT Bets, and in turn be able to earn points for each wager they place in the sportsbook, casino, and racebook – points which can be redeemed in the Rewards program for cash back into the player’s account, merchandise, sweepstakes into a variety contests, and more. Well, having gotten that nomenclature issue out of the way, let’s dive into what really interests us.

GT Bets bonuses and promotions

Sign-up bonus. There are two choices here; either a 50% cash bonus up to $500, or a 100% cash bonus up to $250. The minimum deposit is $35 and the maximum $1,000. Unlike the freeplay bonus – which you may have heard about – the cash bonus allows you to keep the wager as well win amount on each wager.

  • Reload bonus. Move along, people, nothing to see here. We all know how reload bonuses work. Wait, hold on a second. Are our eyes deceiving us? Does GT Bets have an “exclusive automated reload bonus program”? Why, indeed they do. Guess you do learn something new every day after all.
  • Friend-referral bonus. Ask your friends to add your account ID to the referral field on the sign up page and then contact the site’s customer service department to enjoy a 50% bonus up to $400.
  • Casino rebates. The week officially begins on Tuesday for users of this website, as it is the day that the weekly 10% casino rebates are credited. As may be expected, winning accounts don’t get rebates – this is strictly to help the down-on-their-luck get back on track.
  • Horse rebate. Unlike the casino rebate, this one is a monthly 15% cash rebate credited the first of the month. So wake up, wake up, wake up it’s the 1st of the month, to get up, get up, get up so cash your checks and get up.

By the way, we weren’t being sarcastic about the automated reload bonus stuff. Actually, there a couple thing at GT Bets in the way of a sports betting bonus that you seldom see elsewhere. For example:

  • Free ½ point. Pick your favorite for a free ½ point (may only be available during Bowl Season).
  • Favorite teams. Get free points on your favorite basketball or football teams during the regular season.
  • Casino G.O.T.M. Play the monthly featured game for double rewards points.
  • E-mail promotions. Subscribe to the GT Bets newsletter and become privy to double reloads, point discounts on bets, free bets on specific games, double reward point promotions, and many more.

To wrap things out, if all of the above sounds like your cup o’ tea, and are not into poker – since there is no poker room – then GT Bets might just be the sportsbook/casino that has the sports betting bonus for you.